Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Amrit M

Thomas really cares about his clients and he is therefore able to provide an exceptionally thoughtful approach to helping his clients find their perfect home! I would recommend Thomas to anyone and everyone looking for their new home!

By: Raymond T

Had a great experience with Thomas. If you're looking for an honest and knowledgeable realtor, he's your guy.

By: Billy L

My parents were retiring and finally wanted to own their first home by Lougheed, and we came across Thomas' office, which was super close to Lougheed! His office was super easy to access with lots of parking spaces, and he was very accommodating to our schedule. Thomas exceeded expectations, and helped my parents finally own their first home in Canada. I sincerely want to thank Thomas for all of his work and effort he spent with my parents. I highly recommend Thomas to anybody that is looking for a realtor!

By: Tadeus G

Thomas was extremely knowledgeable and super nice! He answered all the questions in a timely manner and was always super easy to reach! He really made the process of purchasing a property very smooth. I highly recommend him to all my friends looking for a realtor.

By: Anthony Adam

Worked with Thomas last year. He genuinely has a passion for his clients finding the perfect home. He will work with you, mortgage brokers anyone to ensure your home purchase process as smooth as possible. Highly recommended especially for first time home buyers.

By: Tyler and Cayanne

Entering the Metro Vancouver housing market filled me with uncertainty and apprehension, to which Tom was patient and understanding. He walked me through my buying options using both historical data and industry know-how, and after a thorough conversation, I felt as though he had a genuine understanding of the type of home I was looking for. When it came time to view open-houses, Tom's expertise, honesty, and attention to detail gave me the complete picture - his descriptions of both the pros and cons of the homes we were viewing gave me the power to make a well informed decision. When I did find my dream home, there was a lot of interest from other prospective buyers. I asked him, "Tom, I want to live here, how do I get this place?" Tom knew we had to act fast and negotiate smart to secure a deal. I followed his guidance on making a competitive offer, to which he was able to achieve an acceptance the same day as the open house. Wow. Thank you so much Tom! You're the best!

By: Taisiya and Igor

Thomas was super easy to work with. He was fast to response and follow up with the sellers. We were happy with the place that we purchased and highly recommend to work with Thomas on buying your new home!

By: Marc & Jess N.

Thomas is a pro. His no pressure approach means that he will spend the time to find you the right home even if you drag him around down for days on end to accomplish that important goal. He is fair and reasonable and will definitely have your best interests in mind.

By: Emily W.

Thomas provides exception quality and professionalism. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the market and able to provide me details on pretty much everything I was I was looking for. He’s extremely passionate and driven, and I sincerely appreciated the enthusiasm he brings with him! I would definitely recommend Thomas to help anyone find their dream home!